Fortran 77 Tutorial


Fortran was the first programming language. Fortran began in the 1950s and has had a number of transformations. The application area of Fortran is in science and engineering. Fortran 77 harks back to 1977, but the latest standard is Fortran 95. However, the 1970s and 1980s was perhaps the heyday of Fortran; the time when it was most popular. Generally, Fortran has been superceded as the main programming language within the science and engineering community by Matlab/Freemat.  However, there still exists a vast amount of  legacy code in Fortran and hence we still need a means of familiariaing ourselves with Fortran, even if we resist programming in the language. This webpage contains links to a number of tutorials that together give a quick and simple introduction to the essentials of Fortran 77.

Fortran 77 Introduction

Fortran 77 Variables and Identifiers

Fortran 77 Arithmetic Operators

Fortran 77  Relational and Logic Operators

Fortran 77 Intrinsic Functions

Fortran 77 Conditional Branch

Fortran 77 Looping

Fortran 77 Arrays

Fortran 77 User-defined functions

Fortran 77 Subroutines